We're proud to announce EasySSO 2.6!

Why so soon after 2.5? Well, the last release was all about getting EasySSO for all the the Atlassian applications back on one level. And of course adding some new features (For those of you who haven't seen EasySSO 2.5 here is the blog and release notes).Plus making our friends on FishEye|Crucible 3.x happy with a backwards compatible release (Fecru 2.4.3). And of course, not to forget those of you who are running Stash 3.3.x and 3.4.x (EasySSO

EasySSO 2.6 is all about making your life easier and giving you a bit of eye candy. No need for any configuration on your part, it's all on us, no worries. If you want to have a browse through the Release Notes feel free.

For all EasySSO newbies: Configuration just got this little bit easier. Get an IOPLEX licence, give us three values, test them, and "you're away laughing" as we say in New Zealand. (Sorry, not sure why you have to go away to laugh. We tend to laugh together in the office. Maybe because we're from "all over the show".)

The new look of the EasySSO configuration page

For all those EasySSO veterans out there: We've cleaned up a bit, vacuumed the Config page, built a new tab with all the Advanced stuff in it, done the dishes, cut the hedges so you have easy access to some logs and put in some new carpet to allow you to test your connection to your domain controller. And last but not least, we've put in a new room where you can see what's going on with your licences for EasySSO and IOPLEX Jespa. Have a look below and you can get a feel for it.

The About EasySSO pop up shows you information about your EasySSO installation. 


We hope you enjoy the new and improved EasySSO 2.6. If you're ever in Wellington come around, have a coffee/tea/beer/wine with us and talk shop.


And EasySSO 3.0 is just around the corner. We'll add some exciting new features to integrate with OpenID, X 5.0.9 authentication, 2 Factor authentication, and some more ways to filter requests. And all for the same great price, we just like to see you happy.

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