Support and Maintenance

Even the great product needs love and attention and we will give you just that when you get us on-board as your Atlassian Expert service support provider.

  • Why do you need us?

    Well, that's easy! Here is the quote from one of our happy customers:

    "Every bit of employee and management time, focus and energy spent on something which is non-core, is taking away from focusing on your competitive advantage.” Lewis Walker, Metra

  • Ask yourself:

    Do you find yourself constantly distracted from your core role with questions from the product users?

    Is there sufficient and regular training provided to keep users up to date with the changing functionality?

    Is your installation behind the latest stable release?

    Do you think your product is configured in the best way to reflect your development or business processes?

    Do you have time to explore new features and ever-expanding list of new add-ons?

    Were you told by your business that more people are going to be using Atlassian products and now you have to upgrade/productionise/run training?

  • So, do you need help?


"Expert to call on"

In our added-value support & maintenance our role is “Expert on call” - we fit between the Client’s Service Desk, their DBAs and similar teams (if required) and Atlassian as a vendor.

Our usual terms for support & maintenance agreement are:

  • Base maintenance component:

    Pre-paid $360/VM/month equivalent to 4h of off-site work (i.e. $90/h, via remote access) includes reviewing logs for any strange/new exceptions, performance tuning, keeping non-production environments in sync with production, active tracking of updates from Atlassian and plugin vendors in non-production environment keeping it up-to-date and thus being ready to do the upgrade of prod at any time, adjusting monitoring settings, memory settings and doing performance tuning. In a nutshell - keep the overall system running and prepared for an upgrade. These hours are intended to be used up fully every month.

  • 24/7 standby component:

    $120/h, from 4h/month pre-approved to be used in case of a failure or out-of-business hours upgrades and maintenance. These are not rolling over from month to month and are effectively a risk mitigation payment (risk for you that it may fail, risk for us that you may need us to work on a weekend or at 2am). Our generic agreement stipulates zero or more extra hours we can spend on restoring the system in case of failure without requesting an explicit approval (at 2am in the morning) so the 4 hour cap doesn’t stop us if the failure does happen.

  • General support/being available component:

    pre-paid hours the Client can use for anything at $90/h, capped at a certain number of hours per months, not rolling over. The intent here is to let the client use them (or lose them) for non-project tasks every month.



A typical package is priced at $1380+GST per month and includes:

  • 1 VM = $360 per month

  • 4h 24/7 = $480 per month (these are not rolling)

  • 6h of “regular work” hours = $540 per month (these are not rolling)

  • Provision for any hours beyond the above to be pre-approved as separate SOWs





email/telephone advice





1 VM maintainence


24/7 standby/after hours

6h/month off-site hours




4 VMs


24/7 standby/after hours

10h/month off-site hours

4 on-site visit days/yr

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