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Atlassian Expert partner since 2009 advising on the best way to use collaboration, project management  and devops tools.

With customers in NZ and globally and years of hands-on expertise, we take the guess work out of the picture.

We know how to set JIRA, Confluence and rest of Atlassian suite to map your business processes.  

All the way from hosting > installation > migration/integrations  > business implementations > training > application support > license purchases and upgrades.

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We build add-ons for JIRA and Confluence that target your needs.

You come to us when out-of-the-box, one-fits-all just doesn't cut it.

Our flagship product - Single Sign-On solution EasySSO - is used by companies all around world since 2008.

With more than 20 add-ons on Atlassian Marketplace, we really know how to turn your problem into a solution.

We love tricky questions, surprise us!

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New Zealand company with global aspirations

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