We've been at it again... Check out our EasySSO Release 2.5. New features, new functionality, some bug fixes and most importantly: Still the same good quality single sign-on capability you're used to, or should be.

Feature 1

IP list filtering for those of you who run multiple proxies.

Feature 2

Opt out via Cookie which allows individual users to opt out of single sign-on for a specified browser. 

Feature 3

The improved User-Agent String Parsing which allows you to specify what browsers are offered  single sign-on.


And for all our friends that run FishEye|Crucible 3.x  we have created release FishEye|Crucible EasySSO 2.4. Same great functionality as 2.5 but compatible with your 3.x installation of FishEye|Crucible. Let nothing stand in the way of your productivity.

And ... all those of you who have Stash 3.3.x  and 3.4.x we have created a backport of EasySSO 2.5.0, it's EasySSO (bottom of the page). Same functionality, same great product for your Stash 3.3.x  and 3.4.x server. 

EasySSO 2.6 is already out, too. That release is be all about making your life easier when you install and configure EasySSO: GUI changes, reduced input needed during the first install, easier access to logs, easier access to license information.


Be on the look out for our next big release which will be EasySSO 3.0.0



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