Official Atlassian Training Courses presented by Team Supreme at TechTime are now available.

TechTime have been Atlassian Experts since 2009 where we have vast knowledge and experience in implementation, maintenance, support, and training.

We offer a range of Atlassian Training courses which explore tips and tricks and in depth information into how to utilize Atlassian Products, which maximises your investment. Authorized Training Partner status applies only to courses marked "Official Atlassian Course".



JIRA Essentials (Official Atlassian Course): 3.5 hours 

New to JIRA Software? Try "JIRA Essentials". This introductory course explores how JIRA is organized, gaining hands-on experience working with the application. Attendees to this course gain invaluable insight working through various life-like scenarios in a preconfigured instance of JIRA. A big advantage of attending this course is that attendees gain an understanding of who typically performs which tasks and why, by logging into JIRA as users with varying job roles/JIRA roles.


In this course, attendees learn how JIRA is organized and gain hands-on experience working with the JIRA application by performing the most common tasks. Attendees work through real-life scenarios using a preconfigured instance of JIRA. By logging in to JIRA as users with various job roles and JIRA roles, attendees gain an understanding of who typically performs which tasks and why. After attending this course, attendees will learn the basics of managing and tracking team issues and projects. They will return to their jobs with increased confidence and a better command of often-used JIRA features.


This course is designed for novice/new JIRA users, product managers, project administrators, JIRA application admins, and system admins.


Getting Started with Confluence (Official Atlassian Course): 3.5 hours

Confluence, more than just collaboration. A key component in the Atlassian Family is getting familiar with the essential "ins and outs" of Confluence.

Try "Getting started with Confluence", an essential course utilizing the most effective way in which to build content and collaborate with co-workers.

Attendees to this course will learn how to navigate within the hierarchical content structure and will gain hands-on experience by performing many of the most common tasks in Confluence. Create, Edit, Format Pages, Organise, Insert Media, Utilise Macros, Blueprints, and much more. After completion of this 3.5 hour course, attendees will not only understand the powerful collaboration tool, but will utilize and unlock Confluences potential as a collaborative knowledge system, enhancing productivity, interaction with co-workers, and business information.


Getting More from Confluence (Official Atlassian Course): 3.5 hours

Getting good at Confluence? Now its time to "Get More".

In this course, attendees will learn to complete advanced user and administration tasks that help them succeed when implementing a Confluence environment in their organization. As a continuation of “Getting Started with Confluence” students will explore additional macros and add-ons as a way to create rich content in Confluence. They’ll also learn to create tables and use other expert-level content creation tools. Students will get hands-on experience working with blueprints and modifying templates for use by their organization.

Hand's On Learning

TechTime encourages a hands-on learning experience. Whether the courses are run at your premises or a venue where we play host is up to you. We are happy to cater to your needs.


Call us: 0800 TechTime

Flexible Workshops

Don't see the right training course on offer? Get in contact with us and we can customise a workshop to cater for your request.


Our Pricing:

The courses that are offered by TechTime range in length with a simple pricing outline. Half-day courses are 3.5 hours, Full-day courses are 7-8 hours, and a Combo course merging two half-day courses together.

Greater Wellington Area (Local) in your own lab (on premises):

Half-day Courses: $500.00 pp 

Full-day Courses: $800.00 pp

Combo Course: $900.00 pp


Outside Greater Wellington Area in your own lab (on premises): 

Half-day Courses: $700.00 pp

Full-day Courses: $950.00 pp

Combo Course: $1200.00 pp


Available courses include:


TechTime is able to offer other courses to help you with Atlassian Products:



Get in contact with us to learn more about how these Training Courses will benefit you and your organisation.



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