Users authenticated via Kerberos or NTLM (NTLMv2) Single Sign-On (SSO) based on the current domain workstation session, no login screen - no passwords asked.Streamline login process. 


At times, the need for users to re-enter their user credentials when accessing JIRA provides the sense that they are removing themselves from the existing enterprise intranet. This can effectively create a physical barrier that some staff resist having to cross. EasySSO removes these difficulties by eliminating the need for users to enter JIRA credentials if already logged into your domain. EasySSO automatically and transparently authenticates the user to JIRA based on their current workstation session.




Removes barriers to adoption


Saves time, saves money. 


Reduces calls to Service desk


Simplifies rollouts to big audiences


EasySSO has been on the market since 2008.


More flexible features to support complex deployments e.g. mixed intranet/internet/extranet scenarios.


Reputable company support


Easy on the pocket, excellent ROI for big installations


Easy to install


“Just works” once configured.


Customers in 27 countries


Localized for several languages (English, Russian, French, German, Brasilian, Japanese)






We work where others don’t e.g. from Internet/VPN traversing firewalls and proxies.

The only full implementation of SSO that does both Kerberos and NTLM

The only implementation that does NTLMv2

  • Support for users accessing application from non-domain workstations.
  • Automatic domain controller discovery, load balancing and resilient recovery through the standard DNS services (discovery on JESPA, enterprise standard)
  • We support Active Directory Sites & Services (support for enterprise standards)
  • Support for anonymous mode e.g. wallboard reports access from a dedicated user-less machine or customer/enduser/3rd party access
  • Support logout - sign out from your session established with SSO and login under a different user (e.g.  application admin)
  • Ability to selectively offer SSO to a subset of client machines based on IP address, server hostname and User-Agent strings (e.g. filter out all browsers not supported by the organisation). 
  • Ability to override DNS, DC through additional parameters (needed for deployment to the machine that is not joined to domain for test deployments or performance optimisation). Additional to Active Directory Sites & Services
  • Support for different username formats (e.g. catering for situations when the application was configured to use different AD attribute as the application username)
  • Ability to exclude URIs from SSO (e.g. you can turn off SSO for parts of application, like REST APIs or JIRA issue collectors)
  • Support for Server editions of JIRA (incl. JIRA Service Desk), Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible, Bitbucket
  • Works with or without Crowd, with or without AD integration, behind reverse Proxy, on intranet/extranet 
  • Supports trusted domains 



Pair EasySSO with User Management for JIRA and Confluence. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace for more information.




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