Have you thought about using the Atlassian toolset to support DevOps practices?

Would you like to benefit from the experience of other organisations who have done the same as well as have access to best practice advice?

No policy or document will replace a direction and cultural shift across the whole organisation if you are serious about implementing DevOps practices. Configuring or implementing the Atlassian toolset is only a part of much bigger work your organisation will take on as part of implementing DevOps practices. 

It is important when staring an initiative like this to consider:

  • Is your DevOps initiative driven from the grassroots or executive level?
  • How would you describe how your dev and ops teams share tools?
  • How would you describe the organisational and team structure for developing your products?
  • What is your organisational structure around service delivery?    
  • Is there friction between development and operations teams?

TechTime can help through consultancy, setting up Atlassian DevOps Simulation Workshop, providing configuration and technical services as well as expert advice.

Atlassian alignment to DevOps

If we map out the Atlassian toolset from a DevOps perspective, Atlassian toolset is the 'operating system' for DevOps collaboration.

Highly integrated Atlassian products allow IT, ops and development teams to realise the 3 ways of DevOps:

  1. Think as a system
  2. Experiment and learn and
  3. Encourage feedback.

Atlassian toolset, when combined with collaboration and a healthy culture, enables DevOps.

In addition, using Data Centre products provides deployment flexibility, authentication, control, high availability and performance for mission-critical teams.

It’s fully geared for enterprise requirements including complete control of your environment, active-active clustering for high availability, disaster recovery, Jira Project archiving for improved performance, etc.

TechTime consultancy and support

This kind of "transformational" work starts with booking a meeting with Irina Mosina, our expert in Scaled Agile and authorised Atlassian instructor.

She has a lot of experience working with big customers on projects that involve organisational change, tools setup and user training.

You can see her availability using this link: https://imosina.youcanbook.me.

She will provide customised high-level rollout plan and a quote for TechTime consulting and support that could include (based on your needs):

  • Project requirements gathering with representatives from all areas and levels of your organisation
  • Infrastructure set up, platform advice (Atlassian Cloud, Azure/AWS, or on-premise server), and single sign-on recommendations
  • Migration and/or merging of existing Atlassian tools
  • Upgrading of existing Atlassian tools to the latest release or current Enterprise version
  • User training in Confluence and JIRA basics, administration training, and best practice advice/recommendations on usage of the tools
  • Ongoing maintenance of V/Ms, general support, and 24/7 support

DevOps Simulation Workshop

The hardest part of any transformation is evolving your people and culture. To help you further, along with Atlassian Authorised Instructor, we can host a DevOps Simulation Workshop onsite for all the key people involved with this initiative.

This is a great opportunity to learn and build a shared language and understanding around DevOps

In this action-packed workshop, we'll tackle the practical and cultural challenges organisations face when attempting a DevOps transformation, and leave you with valuable and actionable advice for your own DevOps journey. You'll be separated into teams that collectively represent business users, developers, product owners, infrastructure operations, scrum masters, testers, and a service desk. During 3 rounds of simulations, teams will deliver new applications/services and operate existing ones. After each round, teams will be graded on:
  • Ability to deliver business impact
  • Ability to ship better software
  • Time to market
  • Customer satisfaction

No technical expertise or prior DevOps knowledge required.




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