I am one of the two founders and current business owners of TechTime Initiative Group Limited - a small software development company with global aspirations.

We are an Independent Software Vendor and Services Provider, based in Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa).

I am a Chief Financial Officer, Director, Lead Architect, Lead Developer, whatever is required (remember, we are small).

We have clients in USA, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Finland China, Australia and New Zealand. At this moment most of what we do is services, leveraging out experience in IT field. We are on the path to convert into a product company.

I come from the development background. Overall I have 23 years of programming in various languages, 15 years of professional software development in Java, including 3 years on Oracle product development & maintenance.

I have extensive development background having been a part of multiple development teams around the world. I know how development teams work, what are the symptoms of major problems, what techniques to apply to solve them.

I have certain management experience as for a year I've been managing the Professional Services department, at the same time performing Client-Facing Business Analyst role for a company that has rapidly grown from 8 people to 54 to become a market leader in voice-driven warehouse logistics with deployments internationally in 12 countries. Besides requirement gathering and facing the customers, this role has combined elements of design and architectural analysis with project, product and people management in a highly concurrent environment with more then 30 parallel projects.

I am very much technically oriented. I consider myself a generalist, able to hold the "big picture" in mind, see how parts of the systems fit together. I believe I have distinguished myself in tying business outcomes to technical solutions, being business- as well as strategic-focused.

I am pretty much hands-on in my approach and continue to design, develop and debug code most of my time, able to morph myself in sharp developer at will. In my employment history I have always searched and was able to create entirely new implementations to solve problem context rather then concentrating solely on the problems themselves.


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