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I'm based in Wellington and I'm an Atlassian Expert and IT all-rounder.

I started working with embedded telecom systems back in 1995 and then moved on to system administration and what has today been named DevOps. I started working with Confluence, JIRA and Fisheye/Crucible in 2007 and have since then worked with most of the Atlassian tools both as a consultant and an Atlassian Expert in various companies.

I've always had a very keen interest in computers and technology, so I thrive outside my comfort zone and have worked with a wide range of technologies in many different roles. Supporting software development and Java based web services running on various Unix platforms has, however, been my main focus over the last 13-14 years.

I visited New Zealand for a month in 2014/15, fell in love with the country and immigrated in November 2015. I'm originally from Sweden, but have spent the last 14 years working for numerous companies in The City of London.

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