The Wellington AUG Meetup got underway with an enthusiastic turn out of attendees who are using Atlassian products.

Guest Speaker, Nikki Shaker, a Solution Architect from the Ministry of Education, delivered an exceptional insight into taking a business process and seeing where JIRA can align. Nikki spoke with great enthusiasm.

In her own words,

"It is all about how I worked with the Business Unit to achieve this. The focus was on reporting to the Ombudsman Office and meeting their requirements, and getting rid of three shared spreadsheets and a wallboard." 

A key note in her presentation was how JIRA has freed them from being "slaves to the spreadsheets and wallboard".

TechTime's lead developer, Ed Letifov attended the AtlasCamp 2016 that was hosted in Barcelona, Spain. In his presentation he spoke of the plans that Atlassian have for the future. In particular the focus of Atlassian being on the Atlassian Cloud platform and Connect API to allow developers create even more exciting add-ons for Cloud platform.

Ed shared his take on Atlassian Cloud adoption trends and major obstacles big clients are facing in going "to the Cloud", surprisingly "security" not being one of them.

In his opinion:

"There is a perceived lack of Cloud add-ons on the Marketplace. There is also a limit on user license size on cloud (2000 users). This in particular effects Enterprise level businesses."

Both of these are continuously being addressed by Atlassian. Within the presentation, Ed mentioned notable new features and improvements to a few Atlassian products, and talked at length about Portfolio for JIRA 2.0 that introduces "Live Plans".

AtlasCamp engages Atlassian Experts and Developers to learn of upcoming features and changes within the Atlassian "universe" whie Atlassian Summit is aimed more at customers where they get the opportunity to communicate and learn about Atlassian products. Traders who attend this conference live the dream, by promoting their plugins and developments for Atlassian software

Both the AtlasCamp and Atlassian Summit will be combined in Barcelona in 2017 creating a great opportunity both for developers and customers to engage with Atlassian ecosystem.


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