Deal with your user management problems the smart way: Automatically and regularly.



User management is an onerous task that needs to be undertaken regularly. No matter what the size of the company.

And sometimes the task is almost impossible when no one knows who actually still needs access and who doesn't. Across a small organisation, this might be easily resolved with a conversation. Across an organisation of 2,000 people with constantly changing project teams, the system admin needs to turn into a private eye.

Automating user management will drive your costs down and your security up. No longer any wasted time on scheduled tasks, the machine will do the job. No longer any unwanted users who haven't logged in for months but chew up your licences. No longer any open accounts for people who have long left your organisation.


Clean up in one easy action. Saves time and saves money.


Let the machine do the dirty work, on time and to standard. 


Your security just got a little bit stronger.


Less work for your sys admin, with the same great result.


Test how many users will be affected before you action.


Reputable company support.


Easy on the pocket, excellent ROI for big installations.


Easy to install, easy to configure.


“Just works” once configured.


Localised for English and German so far!




Many customers report to us that they are facing a large task having to manually deactivate large amounts of inactive users to stay within their license quota. Typically these are people who have left the organisation. Other users can be made up of external people with loose ties to the organisation, whose usage doesn't justify consuming a license, but who must be able to login at any time - University Alumni is one such example. Another situation occurs when you have a fluid user base, larger than your license tier, who come and go as per project requirements, meaning you need to constantly free up licenses for the next incoming users.

With User Management you will be able to bulk add and delete users to and from groups and apply User Management Schemes that will determine what actions to perform to what users groups based on their inactivity period. You will then be able to, for example, deactivate all external users, who had temporary access to your system, all at once. 




Automation: Easily maintain users to stay within license limits and/or according to company access policies.

Schemes: Apply different schemes to manage users by groups.

Bulk functions: Bulk activate/deactivate users and bulk change users' groups. 

Test Mode: Test how schemes interact and get reports emailed on the actions that will be performed including a list of users to be removed.

Exemptions: Exempt users and groups from any actions.

Additional user information: Create custom fields to keep any relevant information about users.

Easy set up: 4 Step set up - Time, users, actions, logging files. Done.



Pair User Management with EasySSO for the Atlassian Suite. Visit the Atlassian Marketplace for more information.


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