• Zip your pre-existing folders hierarchy, upload to Confluence and bootstrap your space by using the SpaceUnZip link, creating a tree of pages and attached files.
  • A quick and repeatable way to create a desired Space structure.
  • Once the add-on is installed, a link becomes available on the View Attachments page - to process the attached zip archive
  • Applied to a zip the add-on creates a hierarchy of pages that follows the structure present in the archive
  • Files present in the archive become attachments to the pages and are presented using the attachment macro
  • Unzipping large files is done as a background task, and shouldn't slow down Confluence.
  • Supported by a friendly team in New Zealand 

Why SpaceUnZip?

SpaceUnZip is easier and faster.

If you want to create your spaces in record time, SpaceUnZip will do the trick. 




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