Moving tickets made easy. Important tickets go in the current sprint, every time. Ticket not important right now? Move it two sprints away.


Moving tickets made easy

Moving tickets around can be annoying. We've felt it, so we made a handy add-on to ease the pain. Is a key component of a project delayed for another week or two? Simply move all the dependent tickets into the next sprint in one go!

Automatically see what's important

While we were coding the add-on we thought it could also fix another problem: Our support tickets are in the Sprints, since everyone in the company helps out. The answer:  Send2Next Sprint throws all the incoming support tickets into the current sprint.

Prioritise your backlog

You know the ticket you really wish you could do, but you have to admit to everyone that it's not super urgent? Just move it two sprints away. Still close enough to look forward to, too far to do right now. 

How to use it?

Once installed Send2Next Sprint is fully configured for you. You can start moving tickets in the Backlog and Active View.

If you want to use Send2Next Sprint to do the moving automatically follow these easy instructions.


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